Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Sanctums of Style: Woodpecker’s Elegant Home Designs

From kitchens to wardrobes, these state-of-the-art spaces are crafted to offer refuge from the world.

Karim Abdullatif

Sanctums of Style: Woodpecker’s Elegant Home Designs

Since it was founded in Egypt in 1978, Woodpecker has been at the front of the ever-shifting trends that define our personal spaces. From the kitchen to the closet, the company has relied on craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in equal measure to give beautiful form to contemporary homes.

“It’s the craftsmanship that allowed us to export our designs to the MENA region, demonstrating that Egyptian brands are competitive, consistent and reliable,” Dr. Alaa Abdelmoneim, President of Woodpecker, tells SceneHome.

Exuding a refined ambiance, Woodpecker's kitchens range from the fashion-forwardness of white marble to the rustic charm of warm-toned wood. “Kitchen design is like a journey of understanding people’s needs,” Eng. Hesham Abdelmoneim, Vice President of Woodpecker, says. “Function always comes first, but it’s implemented in a way that has an aesthetic appeal.”

From meandering islands to stylish countertops, Woodpecker’s kitchens cater to a wide variety of tastes in order to whet their owner’s aesthetic appetites. Besides being the hub of our culinary creativity, kitchens are also where we build connections with our friends and families - so why not have them surrounded by solid wood and durable wood laminate that’ll stick around for generations?

“There’s a change in people’s preferences, opting for open kitchen concepts,” Abdelmoneim explains. “But if you don’t consider proper ventilation, you’ll end up needing two separate kitchens,” he adds, emphasising the importance of functionality behind each design.

Blending function, aesthetic and technology, Woodpecker’s approach extends to the holy grail of luxury features: the walk-in closet. By showcasing clothing rather than simply storing it, the walk-in closets exude style in matte and glossy lacquer. By allowing your clothes, shoes and accessories to shine under sleek lighting, these closets are a refuge where we can dress and display personal items as if they were artworks in a gallery.

Over 45 years, Woodpecker has been designing and installing spaces in homes across the MENA region, while servicing renowned hospitality destinations throughout Egypt, including Intercontinental City Stars, Conrad Cairo, and Hyatt Regency Resort in Sharm El Sheikh.

“In previous decades, we were approached by key properties in Egypt. Accordingly, we created a new department that is assigned to projects that furnished various kitchens, as well as hotel and chalet bedrooms in El Gouna and Sidi Heneish,” Abdelmoneim says, referring to Woodpecker’s work at Mangroovy Residence in El Gouna and Sidi Heneish Village on the North Coast.

Through constant adoption of cutting-edge technology, Woodpecker consistently updates itself with the latest in smart design solutions. They are currently integrating revolutionary kitchen and wardrobe technologies that have been unveiled at the Interzum trade fair in Germany in May 2023, which will affect material finishes, smart mechanisms and durability.

Aside from their planned innovations, Woodpecker is also looking to produce standard furniture. “We’re creating a product line of affordable yet high quality pieces that aim to elevate our living spaces,” Mariam Abdelmoneim, Marketing Communications Director of Woodpecker, says.

Woodpecker’s services include a home visit to take measurements, preliminary 3D designs and a detailed design session that goes down to the copper knob. To get your design consultation, you can visit Woodpecker’s official website at or visit one of their showrooms in Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed or City Stars Mall.