Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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5 Pole Dance Studios in Cairo to Get You in Shape for Sahel Season

Summer is around the corner and maybe you've overdone it with the hot chocolate this winter, so we put together a list of the most prominent pole dancing studios around town for you to get a fun-filled fitness fix.

Staff Writer

Forget the days when gym junkies were the coolest lads roaming around town. Pole fitness is Egypt’s newest hype, and this time it’s the ladies shining in the spotlight. Well, men can join too if they want to!

For years, pole dancing has been a social taboo condemned by all those who perceive it as an exotic form of dance, reserved for strippers. More recently, pole dancing (while still practised by commercial strippers) has become a common practice in several studios around the country that saw the physical benefits in taking up the art. Pole dance relies on building the strength of core and upper body muscles to be able to balance, climb, and twirl on the pole.

Seeing as summer is just around the corner, and going to sa7el is one of your holiday hobbies, it seems like the perfect time to take up pole dance. If that doesn’t motivate you, just imagine that a thief in the street is chasing you and you come to a dead end. The only way out of this situation is going up. Now if you train pole, you’d be able to escape by climbing any sewage pipe you see. So the moral here is that pole can essentially save your life.

We’ll get straight to it now. We know it’s very hard to find pole dancing studios in Egypt, so we put together a list of the five most prominent studios around Cairo to make it easier for you. Time to get yourself a fun-filled fitness fix! You’re welcome.

The Spin Egypt

Located in the back streets of Katameya, The Spin Egypt is owned by two passionate and driven Egyptian women who have a plethora of worldly experience in the realm of pole dance. Hadeer Hamed and Noura Omran tell us they “work with girls who are very shy, to strengthen them and show them there is no limit to what their bodies can do." The studio also offers aerial silks fitness and aerial hoops, and you don't need any experience to join one of their classes.

Address: Smash Katameya Residence Sporting Club.
Contact: 0111 551 2166.

Check out The Spin Egypt on Facebook and Instagram.

PoleFit Egypt

An architect by profession, Manar El Mokaddam appealed to the curiosity of many women and started out by hosting one-on-one pole dance classes. Eventually a PoleFit Egypt studio was born, and what was once a class held in secret, became a strong community hosting women who are proud to be a part of something great. "At the beginning, my students would say don’t tell anyone that I am here. But now, we have turned it into such a strong community that girls come just so that they can tell their friends they are part of this really awesome thing,” El Mokaddam tells us. 

Address: Private Pole Studio, Gamal El Din, Garden City.
Contact: 0106 551 7134.

Check out PoleFit Egypt on Facebook and Instagram

F Square Aerial Arts & Fitness

F Square Aerial Arts & Fitness offer pole fitness coupled with a range of different health and fitness classes by certified coaches. You can take up aerial silks and hoops, as well as body conditioning and flexibility classes, all in the one studio. How far back can you bend?

Address: 138 26th of July Corridor, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek.
Contact: 0 100 000 2377, or 01270000234, or 0227359722.

Check out F Square Aerial Arts & Fitness on Facebook and Instagram

Motion Junkies

Located in New Cairo, Motion Junkies is one of the newest pole fitness studios to hit town. Founder and pole athlete Germana Viafara channelled her love for handstands, movement, and flow to create her studio dedicated to just that. "Pole opened up everything to me, it helped me lose weight and discover that my body could do things I never imagined before," Viafara tells us. Having taught pole in other countries around the world, the supportive culture she experienced here in Egypt kept her grounded. Now, Motion Junkies combine strength, flexibility, body conditioning, and dance with pole fitness to get maximum creative movement, and body confidence out of anyone. 

Address: New Cairo.
Contact: 0122 399 9259.

Check out Motion Junkies on Facebook and Instagram

Project Pole

Teaching us about the difference between pole dancing for physical strength and commercial stripping, Mia Carter moved from London/Surry to Cairo kick-starting Project Pole where she continued to pass on the skillful versatility of pole. “Weighing 50 kg and trying to pull up your entire body on a pole only using your arms, that's quite unnatural!” Carter tells us. “Some students aren't able to do anything at all, and that's perfectly okay. I keep teaching them easier moves that they can repeat at home until they start feeling the progress."

Address: 24 Fawakeh Street, Mohandeseen.
Road 15, Building 16, Floor 4, Maadi.

Contact: 0122 666 0049.

Check out Project Pole on Facebook and Instagram