Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Nada Akram Designs: Versatile Vogue

Nada Akram Designs boasts a collection so multifaceted, you'd be hard pressed trying to pinpoint the aesthetic - but they all have one thing in common: each piece is sure to make every outfit stand out in the best possible way!

Staff Writer

There are loads of great, homegrown brands in the city, but what we really love about Nada Akram Designs is the wide style spectrum of the brand. You know there are some days you wake up and you feel at one with the world and decide to channel your inner barefoot hippie, and other days you wanna go grunge. Feminine and flirty, glam, casual – pick your poison and Nada Akram Designs has it.

As opposed to many brands, which reflect a certain style aesthetic, Nada Akram designs pieces that suit a variety of tastes, and happen to look gorgeous when paired together. Think of it as the urban fashionista's go-to spot for a selection of cool pieces that'll really elevate your wardrobe.

From Ghada Adel to Yasmine Raeis, some of the city's biggest leading ladies have donned the designs and it's easy to see why. From floral print blazers in pastel hues to Mickey Mouse printed bomber jackets, the brand switches easily from chic to fun. They’ve got some cool printed tees that work for everyday wear, and some uber-gorgeous, seriously covetable full tulle skirts that, though we can't quite find an occasion for them, make us desperately want to be ballerinas.

All the pieces have a touch of fearless eclecticism but are perfect if you love playing with fashion!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @nadaakramdesigns