Monday September 25th, 2023
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Palma's Period Packs are Nothing Short of Perfect

Local fashion label, Palma, is releasing an all-new period care package that tells us to embrace all that is woman.

Farah Ibrahim

Between buying separate pouches to hide our pads, exchanging quick whispers between the girls, and coming up with excuses as to why we won’t be swimming on a sweltering hot summer’s day - as women, we’ve been taught to hide our periods as some form of shame. Well, no more. Local fashion label, Palma, is out to address the issue with an all-new period care package that tells us to embrace all that is woman. Kind of like Doja Cat.

“We’ve always wanted our products to mean more than just products. So we couldn’t be happier to now launch our new line of period products as a kickoff to a long journey of inspiring women to feel empowered in every choice they make about their bodies,” founder of Palma, Mostafa Magdy tells CairoScene. “We want to show that a period is nothing to hide. What is more beautiful or sacred than this cycle that every single month creates a home for new life to grow? This is our way of saying that.”

A campaign has been made for the care package, the result of a collaboration between Palma and Egyptian creative Mohamed El Dib, aka Dibo, whose work you may recognise from fashion label Scarabaeus Sacer’s campaign to raise awareness on mental issues. Not only did Dibo help design Palma’s packaging, but an entire music video is in the works to drive the message home and make the concept more accessible.

“We would like to invite girls to embrace their femininity and love their periods and themselves,” Dibo tells #CairoScene. “Periods are magical. They are proof that there is a possibility of giving life to a human being, a sign of fertility. And we wanted to tell girls that it’s okay.”

People will be able to buy each product on its own or the full package, which includes pad pouches, tampon pouches,  a cover for a rubber hot water bottle, and microwavable heat pad. The package will soon be available through their website,