Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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A Look at the New Capital's Most Futuristic Compound

Leading real estate developer Misr Italia Properties' IL BOSCO redefines urban living; combining the best of the big city with breathtaking views, huge open spaces and Egypt's first Vertical Forest.

Staff Writer

People who live in Cairo have a tendency to point out that they don’t like living in Cairo. We mean, we love it, but we can understand why a lot of people wouldn’t; it’s loud, obnoxious, crowded and smells most of the time. However, when it comes to actually leaving the capital, people almost always chicken out because they know they’d be missing out on so much. All's not lost, though: Il BOSCO by Misr Italia Properties designed by Calison RTKL & DMA, in the New Administrative Capital, is bringing together the best of Cairo without the chaos that comes with it.

The thing that puts most people off from moving out of the big city and into newly-built districts is that the fear they'll be missing out on the vibrancy and culture on every corner that a city like Cairo offers. However, Il BOSCO takes up 200 acres in the heart of the New Capital, nearby some of the new cities’ coolest new landmarks including the Opera house, the Diplomatic District, Financial District, Expo City. It's also a stone's throw from top quality healthcare and schools AND it’s only 10 minutes away from New Cairo.

Delivering dream homes in just four years, the new compound is separated into five breathtakingly beautifully landscaped zones; the Vertical Forest, the Park, the Valley, the Cliffs and the Meadows. 

We know we're most excited to check out the award-winning design for the Vertical Forest; the zone will feature a number of iconic towers that will have vertically integrated green landscapes. The plants reduce humidity, absorb CO2 and dust particles, protect from radiation and noise pollution, making the entire zone extremely eco-friendly.

One of downsides of Cairo is there isn’t nearly enough colour, but the Meadows are designed to make sure that there’s enough greenery and flowers everywhere. Complete with community gardens and wandering paths, the neighbourhood will house both villas and apartments.The biggest of the five zones, the Park consists of huge natural landscapes, stretching from the east to the west side of the development. It’s set to have community gatherings, events spaces, and water flowing throughout.

Taking advantage of the natural topography of the area, The Cliff is set to be one of the most popular neighbourhoods at Il BOSCO. Set on an elevated area of the compound, it has a fantastic view of the Creek and the rest of the New Capital. This area is made up of villas only, it’ll have it’s own clubhouse with an external entrance.

Meanwhile, the Valley is exactly what it sounds like: villas and apartments in huge open spaces, complete with kids' play areas, shared recreational facilities and plenty of pretty scenery.Il BOSCO will even have a commercial neighbourhood including a shopping area, a lifestyle centre, a sporting club (complete with a clubhouse and sports fields) and playgrounds for the little ones all separated from the residential area by a gate, so there'll be no need to trek back to Cairo for a little fun. 

Misr Italia Properties have already managed to sell out phase one and two, which amount to 2,500 units so if you're interest (which you should be) you better act quick.

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