Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Egyptian Producer Fady Drops Vibrant EP 'Sounds of The Present'

Fady El-Tellawy electrifies the scene with a blend of techno, house, and acid-house beats.

Matilda Hubble

Egyptian Producer Fady Drops Vibrant EP 'Sounds of The Present'

Alexandrian producer Fady El-Tellawy has dropped his debut EP, ‘Sounds of the Present’, electrifying the scene with a blend of techno, house, and acid-house beats. The EP features two tracks: ‘International Relations’ and ‘Sounds of the Present’, both of which demonstrate his ability to produce intricate and elevated tunes.

Fady has established a name for himself in the underground scene, regularly gracing dancers with diverse sets at Lazuli’s events and those of similar collectives.

The songs in ‘Sounds of the Present’ are inspired by the sounds of the 90s and clearly centered around the dance-floor. Fady lets the listeners know his high energy, dance-focussed intentions for his debut EP right from the offset, with both tracks featuring a thumping 4x4 techno kick groove early on.

In ‘International Relations’, a bouncy acid bassline accompanies this groove, reinforcing the high energy nature of the track while simultaneously adding a more fun and lighthearted feel, almost as if Fady is telling the listeners to not take the track, or themselves, too seriously.  Fady makes clever use of vinyl scratch FXs in both tracks, with ‘International Relations’ featuring a Mickey Mouse-esque vinyl scratch that slingshots the listener into the first building section of the track, marked by a long tailed, highly sustained clap and an accompanying lower frequency acid bassline.

Fady uses the rising and well automated acid lines as well as the distinct clap to build the track’s pressure before releasing it into its first breakdown where the listener is blessed with a glorious acid line with a much more authentic Roland 303 feel to it. Here, the acid line rises and undergoes various frequency and resonance automations, before being released into an onslaught of kicks, claps, hats, and a new scratching synth: a heavy drop sure to set the dance floor alight.

‘Sounds of the Present’ takes a more industrial approach, with the track being carried by its bold percussions and constant rolling low frequency bassline. The scratch sound is not only used to bridge sections and loops together, but is very much part of the groove. The track sees the introduction of further aggressive, industrial synths while continuing to remind the listener of the importance of the low frequency bassline.

The EP was composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Fady El-Tellawy, and even the groovy, cubist style artwork was self-created.