Saturday 4 of February, 2023
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Egyptian Rap Star Wegz is Most Streamed Arab Artist on Spotify for '22

Having emerged in 2017 with a unique trap sound, Wegz quickly went from a beloved underground artist to a global sensation.

Scene Noise

It’s Spotify Wrapped season, and while that's an embarrassing moment for many of us, Egyptian superstar rapper Wegz seems to be experiencing the exact opposite...because he's the most streamed Arab artist on Spotify in 2022.

Wegz has recently been tearing whatever mythical barriers we thought existed between genres, venturing into Afro-inspired and alternative pop after emerging with his original trap sound in 2017.

The Alexandria-born artist has also recently taken his hit songs to global stages, performing in London and Paris over the past couple of months, then back to Cairo for Egypt’s biggest rap concert to date.