Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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El Rass, Adib Yassine El Khazen & More Perform In ’Shuruq' Sessions

Initiated by Station Beirut and partners, the new music platform aims to expose SWANA artists to a global audience.

Zaid Kreshan

El Rass, Adib Yassine El Khazen & More Perform In ’Shuruq' Sessions

‘Shuruq’ is a new Lebanese music platform that showcases contemporary music from the SWANA region. The platform was created by local Lebanese cultural space Station Beirut and its partners. Station Beirut has been actively forwarding the Lebanese live scene for years, and their latest project ‘Shuruq’ was started with the belief that contemporary music coming out of the region has the potential to become a global phenomenon.

‘Shuruq’ aims to assist artists in reaching a wider audience by presenting them in intimately filmed live sessions, where the artists can showcase their performance abilities as well as their music, as in today’s music scene, an artist’s visual identity has come to play a significant role in their success.

The platform has just announced the launch of its YouTube channel, where the first season of live sessions is currently available, featuring performances from beloved artists including, El Rass, Zef, Taxi 404, Clara Kossaifi, and Adib Yassine El Khazen.

The sessions were filmed in Station Beirut’s recording space, where we see artists performing in a dimly lit setting, enabling them to deliver highly personal performances that show viewers a more tender side of their music.

Watch the artists performing in ‘Shuruq’s live sessions here: