Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Happy International Women’s Day from Arab Women in Music

From Sudan to Lebanon to Iraq, our favourite Arab female artists from around the MENA region are wishing you a Happy International Women’s Day.

Nadine El Roubi

International Women’s Day is certainly a day to celebrate how far women have come – it’s also a day we realise how much is left to go.

For cynics, March 8th is the day the world seems to suddenly remember to honour the women who jump through hoops to overcome the unequilibrated status-quo we’re born into. It’s a capitalists’ field day as much as any other made up holiday, with brands of every industry employing emotionally-manipulative marketing gimmicks under the guise of ‘female empowerment’. It’s the day women are put on a pedestal which, incidentally – also brings us closer under the microscope.

What, as women, do we say on this one day? How do we address a millennia of oppression in 24 hours? How do we rejoice in centuries of progress across creed, race, cultures, and identities on a casual Tuesday?

Having a ‘day’ for something might imply that it only gets that day to be special. I suppose it’s only natural. We celebrate life with more fervour on birthdays; love with more passion Valentine’s Day.

Those with more optimism will insist that having a ‘day’ for women just means a day where our divine feminine light shines brighter. On each other, on the world, on the injustices we still face.

For the sake of optimism: since today they are listening, today we speak the loudest.

Since today they are celebrating – allow us to celebrate the women who not just speak the loudest, but sing the loudest, play the loudest, and rap the loudest. Not just on March 8th, but every day of their incredible lives.

We at SceneNoise are proud to present you with some of our favourite Arab women in music, who came together on this day to wish you a Happy International Women’s Day. Though their incredible achievements and music couldn’t be highlighted in this short video, scroll below to see our top picks of the awesome music they share.

Dania (@dania_music_) (Syria & Croatia)

Emaan (@emaanzadjali) (Oman)

Shébani (@shebanimusic) (Iraq & UAE)

Dina El Wedidi (@dina.elwedidi) (Egypt)

Nooriyah (@nooriyah._) (Saudi Arabia)

Malak Elhusseiny (@malakelhusseiny) (Egypt)

Neemz (@neemz__) (Palestine & USA)

TamTam (@tamtamsound) (Saudi Arabia)

Layla Kardan (laylakardan) (Iran & UAE)

michele. (@listentomichele) (Lebanon & UAE)

Donia Wael (@doniawaelll) (Egypt)

Dena Anuk$a (@denaanuksa) (Egypt & Ireland)

Nayomi (@nayomigram) (Egypt, Syria, Sweden)

Zeyne (@whoiszeyne) (Palestine & Jordan)

Felukah (@felukah) (Egypt)

Xena Elshazli (@xenaelshazli) (Egypt)

Hiba Elgizouli (@hiba_elgizouli) (Sudan)