Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Illustrious Rappers Bu Kulthum & El Rass to Headline Metropol, Berlin

Significant Arab rappers to perform together at the Metropol in Berlin next June.

Moataz Gwaily

It’s not common to catch two of the Arab rap scene’s giants sharing a stage, but when it happens, it’s a night to remember.

And this night will happen on the 2nd of June. Syrian Bu Kulthum will be joining the Lebanese Mazen El Sayed, aka El Rass, for a night of cultured rap at Berlin’s Metropol. Bu Kulthum is an infamous producer of hip hop music that’s infused with soul and funk. Born and raised in Syria but currently residing in the Netherlands, Bu Kulthum struggles with authority, but excels in lyricism. El Rass is also a rapper and producer hailing from the city of Tripoli, Lebanon. With 8 albums under his belt, and more than 200 singles, El Rass is known for his dense lyrics and personal approach, and also for his musical versatility.

Mark your calendars for June the 2nd if you happen to catch yourself in Berlin for an unforgettable night of Arab rap at the Metropol, headlined by Bu Kulthum & El Rass.