Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Iraqi Rapper Narcy Riffs on Corporate Corruption in No Diploma Series

As part of No Diploma’s ‘New Lessons’ series, Narcy Riff's spoken word poem ‘Sword & The Neck’ unveils top-down hypocrisy.

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Iraqi Rapper Narcy Riffs on Corporate Corruption in No Diploma Series

No Diploma, a music collective based in Montreal, engages in various activities such as hosting podcasts, curating radio mixes, organising pop-ups, workshops, events and managing a shop. Among their endeavours is the ‘New Lessons’ series, where artists are invited to reflect on their personal journeys and share insights.

In this week's edition of New Lessons, Iraqi artist Narcy takes centre stage with his spoken word poem ‘Sword & The Neck’, shedding light on the hypocrisy and corruption within large corporations and lobbies, and drawing direct parallels to the ongoing tragedies in Palestine. With powerful words, he highlights the grim reality, stating, "They churn out babies' bones down and they sell it to Exxon."

Narcy, born Yassin Al Salman, is a rapper whose artistry extends far beyond the confines of hip-hop, wearing many hats as a published author, actor, university professor and co-owner of the Maktaba bookshop, which served as the backdrop of his New Lessons video. His insights into diaspora identity within hip-hop culture has led him to write two books, ‘Diatribes of a Dying Tribe’ and ‘Text Messages’. His directorial talents have also earned him acclaim, notably for the impactful short film ‘R.E.D.’ featuring American rapper Yasiin Bey and Canadian electronic group Halluci Nation.