Friday April 12th, 2024
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Jeed Makes ‘Everything Different’ On New Single, Produced by A'Y

Jeed releases new single along with video for the track ‘Everything Different’

Konrad Worning Eilenberger

Jeed Makes ‘Everything Different’ On New Single, Produced by A'Y

A month ago KSA-based Jeed of HRMNY released the banging track ‘Switch’ together with producer säud, and with this new single, the english-flowing rapper is ready for new adventures.

Although Jeed is yet to release a multi-song project, he is slowly but steadily refining his sound and aesthetics with every release, the new single ‘Everything Different’ being his sixth release since 2018.

The track is produced by fellow khaliji A'Y and features a classic 2022 trap guitar sample and heavy drill bass. Jeed’s vocal and flow has a certain Drake-ish vibe to it, especially just after the first chorus as he raps: “Goddamn boy you changed this yeah/ Glad that I didnt make change this year”.

In the video for ‘Everything Different’ Jeed is seen in some type of big photo or video studio rapping on a black background with ever-changing lighting. At one point the rapper multiplies and three Jeed´s are seen walking between what seems like small round pools of fluorescent paper bills. All in all the ‘Everything Different’ video is clean and tightly done and it helps in emphasizing Jeed´s rap and character.

Watch the video below.