Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Lebanese Anti-Pop Artist Laï Releases Extravagant MV for '7doude’

The Cairo- based Lebanese artist embraces elements of Arabic pop in her latest release.

Zaid Kreshan

Lebanese Anti-Pop Artist Laï Releases Extravagant MV for '7doude’

In recent years, electronic music with elements of shaabi aesthetics has been gaining popularity in the regional landscape with acts such as El-Waili and Molotof pushing the genre forward with their signature sound styles. The genre’s surge in popularity has seen an increasing number of artists and producers embracing its musical elements and experimenting with what can be done within the Electro-Shaabi realm. Of these artists, few have arrived at a sound that is as catchy and approachable as Cairo-based Lebanese Artist Laï’s take on the genre, which sees a playful pop inspired vocal style taking command of hypnotic instrumentals and Shaabi-inspired drum beats.

Laï has already been making her mark on the regional music scene, as the up-and-coming artist has released the tracks ‘Shabah’ with pioneering producer El Waili, and ‘Aaref Halak Meen’ in collaboration with Molotof. Laï ’s take on Electro-Shaabi sees her adding an element of Arabic pop to the genre by embracing a bright and lively vocal style that brings iconic acts such as Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe to mind.

In another twist, the production was created by an artist who prefers to remain anonymous. The sound leans heavily into traditional Arabic sonic aesthetics such as metallic percussions, Mawwal-inspiring drones, and a massive drum pattern that seems to be inspired by shaabi and Egyptian rap music. Laï’s catchy melodies and distinctive vocal delivery take this track beyond what you would typically expect from the electro-shaabi genre, as the contrast between the brooding music and uplifting vocals creates a sonic atmosphere that is both enigmatic and refreshing at the same time.

‘7doude’ was released ahead of Laï’s upcoming EP, set for release on December 5th, and the music video for the track sees the multi-talented artist taking on the roles of director and creative producer. In the video, we see Laï showcasing her visual creativity, alongside cinematographer Hagar Badwy, as we are taken through an aesthetic that cycles between visuals that are sombre and gloomy, and others that are giving off an air of pride and confidence, as the artist explores themes of self-admiration in both the lyrics and video of its release.

Watch the music video for Laï’s ‘7doude’ here: