Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Marwan Moussa Releases ‘Mad Men’-Inspired Video for New Video 'SA7MAD'

Egyptian hip hop star Marwan Moussa is on a roll with his fifth music video release in under eight months.

Ahmed Khalaf

Marwan Moussa Releases ‘Mad Men’-Inspired Video for New Video 'SA7MAD'

It is safe to say that no one in the Egyptian hip hop scene has had a more productive year than rap star Marwan Moussa, who treated his fans to four immaculate EPs and four electrifying music videos throughout 2022. Now he’s keeping it going with his latest video release, ‘SA7MAD’, brought to life by Egyptian director Mostafa Bastami as he takes us on a visual journey through three madcap scenarios.

Commencing with a 70’s ‘Mad Men’-inspired aesthetic, Marwan can be seen being all authoritarian at an intense business meeting, giving instructions to the other suitswhile repping a vintage wardrobe that suits the rapper perfectly.

The next scene sees ‘Maro Mafia’ in chef’s attire, referencing the heat he’s been ‘cooking’ this past year. The metaphor gets a lot more explicit as he tells us straight-up how he’s “cooking a hostile recipe” mid-way through the verse.

The main attraction of the video would be the fanatical final edit, placing the rapper across magazine headlines like a wild daydream, courtesy of Blaze FX as they animate and glitch the video out for that fiery visual direction.