Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Medaina Festival Set to Land in Wadi Rum May 2024

The festival will begin at the stone-carved city of Petra on May 22nd, before moving to Wadi Rum’s stunning Valley of the Moon.

Scene Noise

Come May 2024, Jordan’s stone-carved city of Petra and awe-inspiring valleys of Wadi Rum will set the stage for a fusion of ancient culture and contemporary music with ‘Medaina’, a five-day music and arts festival spearheaded by global experiential production company Tithorea.

The event will kick off at the rock-carved city of Petra on Wednesday, May 22nd, followed by a special presentation on May 23rd. On day three, the celebrations will shift to Wadi Rum, culminating in a grand celebration in the Valley of the Moon on the 25th.

“We’ve done festivals all over the world but I’m especially excited to present Medaina at the absolutely magical sites of Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan,” Co-Founder of Tithorea Shahin Mani tells SceneNoise. “The synergy that has come together to make this historic celebration happen has been thrilling and the support from the Jordanian people and government is deeply inspiring. We’ll offer our fantastically state-of-the-art creative direction to make this an immersive experience of a lifetime.”

Medaina derives its name from a clever combination of Mediterranean and ‘ain’, the Arabic word for spring. The festival promises an eclectic lineup of artists, enticing festival-goers to  immerse themselves in an audio-visual journey. Stay tuned for more info as it’s announced.