Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Tageel and Khayyat Delve Into Atmospheric Trap in ‘Langa’

The Sudanese rapper and Palestinian producer display a strong sense of chemistry in their first-ever collaboration.

Zaid Kreshan

Tageel and Khayyat Delve Into Atmospheric Trap in ‘Langa’

Following up on his 2022 release ‘Game Over’, the Saudi-Based Sudanese rapper Tageel teams up with Palestinian producer Khayyat of SVNBIRDS collective in this atmospheric trap.

Despite this being their first collaboration, Tageel and Khayyat have found immediate chemistry, where they blend their styles in a way that emphasises their strengths. In the case of Tageel, his languid flow combines seamlessly with Khayyat’s spacious instrumental as the producer also plays off of the intricacies of Tageel’s delivery.

The track starts with a dreamy sonic atmosphere, which Tageel slices through with his crisp vocals and deep register. The rapper has shown his talent in the past as a lyricist and performer through his intricate rhyme schemes and distinctive voice, and Tageel continues to impress in this release.

The instrumental for the track, produced by Khayyat makes use of tried-and-true trap elements such as massive 808s, metallic percussions and a vivid soundscape. Khayyat then treats listeners to an unexpected beat switch with Tageel showcasing more of his laid-back yet assertive flows.

Listen to the full track here: