Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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WOLF FANG MIDI Take Their Sound Forward with new EP ‘She’s Gone’

The Cairo-based pop duo follow-up their recent music video release with a genre-bending 5 track EP.

Zaid Kreshan

WOLF FANG MIDI Take Their Sound Forward with new EP ‘She’s Gone’

WOLF FANG MIDI is a synth-wave act out of Cairo that has been infusing the genre with dramatic presentation and musical ideas. The duo’s ethereal vocal style and emotional, yet upbeat, instrumentals have been at the core of their unique sound. Following the release of their latest horror-themed music video, WOLF FANG MIDI have just released their latest EP ‘She’s Gone’, which sees them pushing their sound forward by fusing otherworldly sonics with elements of funk, techno, and dance music, all within a synth-wave framework.

The EP kicks off with the titular track ‘She’s Gone’ where we are met with a burst of energy as bright pads, a twinkling arpeggio, and a steady drum beat push us forward at full-speed. In this track, producer and one-half of the duo, SHUNUS, makes use of a wide range of retro-futuristic synthesiser sounds and textures, as well as hard hitting drum sounds that give the track an authentic 80’s flavour. As the vocals come in, J!n - the other half of the duo - delivers a melancholic vocal performance that adds a hint of gloom to the upbeat instrumental, giving it a layer of depth and richness.

The next track, ‘Boys & Girls’, slightly takes the energy down with a chill instrumental that features funky guitar lines and chirpy arpeggios. The playfulness of this track brings out a different side of J!n’s vocal delivery, where we are met with short choppy phrases, which are still delivered with the same showmanship she has come to be known for. This adds a touch of character that brings acts such as Lady Gaga to mind, which, combined with the groovy instrumental, give us a joyful end-of-summer bop.

The intensity goes right back up on the next track, ‘Never Fall Again’, where we are immediately met with an infectious bassline and drum sounds. J!n’s vocals take on a playful and bright quality for this synth heavy dance tune, where the impressive sound design and futuristic production ideas, such as the pitch bending pads and spacious risers, take this track beyond the realm of synth-wave and into new territory by infusing elements of funk and dance music.

We are then taken back in time with the track ‘Forcing it to Bleed’, where the duo embrace a more retro aesthetic with a spastic 8-bit sounding bassline playing the main melody of the track. This bassline idea sounds almost eastern in character, with an unconventional rapid melody leading the way in the chorus, while still managing to snugly fit into the synth-wave aesthetic. The track features dreamy vocals, which are paired with airy pads, which make this track one of the more spacious moments on the EP.

The track ‘Cigarettes & Chocolate’ ends the album on a sombre note, as we are met with a wistful piano chord progression, which, along with some spacious drums and percussion, patiently leads us into the verse where a calming vocal melody slowly evolves over time. We are then met with an intense buildup, where tom toms are furiously pounding away as spacious risers add tension and anticipation until we are met with the colourful hook of the track, which makes use of sharp synthesisers, futuristic sound effects, and an enigmatic vocal performance, leading to a track, and entire EP, that challenge the stereotypical sound associated with synth-wave.

Listen to 'She's Gone' by WOLF FANG MIDI: