Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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MusiQ: Cairo-Based Independent Music Provider Sonically Revolutionizes the Retail Experience

MusiQ is a new independent music provider that has set out to help commercial and retail spaces tailor the musical vibe of their space through cutting-edge technology.

Staff Writer

Cairo-based MusiQ is an independent music provider that realizes the essential role of music in enhancing one’s quality of life, as well as forming the voice of a brand and embellishing the retail experience. Their innovative approach and cutting-edge technology is sure to do just this.

The main focus of the group at the moment is to provide a brilliant new technology that will fill a huge gap in the market, cultivating tailored sonic atmospheres for commercial and retail spaces including stores, dining, gyms, hospitals, hotels and much more. They aim to reinvent brand identities by helping them to craft unique musical character, so as to stand apart from others and create an engaging space for clients and employees alike. MusiQ is the first platform to provide licensed music for commercial use, in which they call for artists rights, quality of the sound and music content.

In addition, MusiQ has reinvented the jukebox, allowing people to soundtrack their own experience in a wide range of businesses. When a customer downloads the MusiQ app, they can connect to the page of the space they are in and queue up their favorite songs. This introduces an unprecedented level of musical engagement and flavor to generally mundane situations. Additionally, MusiQ will help commercial brands by managing music content; for example, creating channels on Youtube and Soundcloud, and facilitating monetization from this content by means of content aggregators.

MusiQ also acts as a brand music consultant. With a capable and diverse team of strategists, creatives, music experts and tech geeks, they are able to take on an array of projects from creating jingles to in-house installations to music apps. Thus, they are able to help you envision how to make up for and surpass your brand’s sonic shortcomings, delivering an exemplary and tailored solution.

For more info visit MusiQ on their website.