Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Rigash’s FW’23/24 Collection is a Fusion of Minimalism & Wearable Art

“Asymmetry may have defined past collections, but this season's focus on texture,” founder Lamia Rady hints.

Mai El Mokadem

Rigash’s FW’23/24 Collection is a Fusion of Minimalism & Wearable Art

Cairo-based fashion label Rigash is maintaining its minimalist aesthetic with a sharp edge in its FW'23/24 collection. Founder and creative director Lamia Rady shares her creative vision behind the collection, revealing how it embodies the brand's identity and pushes boundaries. “Asymmetry may have defined past collections, but this season's focus on texture,” Rady playfully hints.

Rigash's philosophy revolves around tying art and fashion together. “This philosophy translates into wearable art pieces, drawing inspiration from my background in visual arts,” Rady tells SceneStyled. “The FW'23/24 collection embodies this vision by playing with textures, cuts, and prints, all while maintaining a clean and minimal aesthetic.” The brand's signature elements, such as broad shoulders, structured shapes and cinched waists, act as a medium for self-expression.

One of the notable features of the collection are the faux snake and quilted leather materials, seen in the Faux Snake Leather Coat/Jacket and Quilted Leather Sets. “The incorporation of faux snake and quilted leather in the FW'23/24 collection wasn't a material choice, but an artistic statement,” Rady says. The sleekness of snake skin contrasts beautifully with the sculpted, textural quilting, adding depth to the clothing. These bold textures push the boundaries of minimalism while maintaining the brand's core spirit, evoking a connection to wearable art and nature's patterns. “It’s like adding a 3D element to a flat piece of clothing.”

Leather stands as a prominent feature in Rigash's designs, contributing to the brand's distinctive edge. “Beyond the visual impact, leather embodies a duality that resonates with Rigash’s philosophy,” Rady explains. “Its edge mirrors the confidence Rigash aims to empower in its customers, yet the material's unexpected softness embraces sensuality.” Rady further comments on leather's ability to hold form and structure, allowing for exaggerated silhouettes with dimension, and pushing minimalist shapes to new boundaries.

“While acknowledging emerging trends, I use them as inspiration, not a framework.” Using the Black Leather Rose Top as an example, Rady says, “Trends like the rose motif are incorporated within the brand's signature materials. Whereas leather, a staple in my designs, became the canvas for the flower, maintaining brand identity while embracing the trend.”

Staying ahead of emerging trends is crucial in the fashion industry, and Rady ensures Rigash remains at the cutting edge through active market research, analysis of fashion trends, and attending industry events. “Collaborating with stylists, trend setters, and creative minds provides deeper insights and perspectives beyond conventional sources,” she adds.  Her experience as a stylist gives her a unique edge in identifying trends early on, enabling Rigash to anticipate and create pieces that stand out while resonating with fashion-forward customers.

The design process for the collection blossomed through fabric exploration. “The creative journey behind the FW'23/24 collection was followed by a predetermined concept,” Rady says. “The captivating 3D textures captured my imagination. Staying true to the brand's ethical commitments, faux and vegan leathers were chosen to incorporate beloved animal prints without compromising values.”

Rigash has gained a reputation for being seen among international stars, like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Shay Mitchell, Dixie D’Amelio and more celebrities wearing the brand’s pieces. Looking to the future, Rady envisions the brand's global journey and international expansion with unconventional materials continuing to play a central role in Rigash's vision, featuring artistic pieces and exploring innovative fabrics and textures.