Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Styled Archives: 1960s Celebrities in Swing Dresses

This playful and versatile piece adorned the figures of some of Egypt's most beloved stars, from Soaad Hosny to Shadia.

Mai El Mokadem

Styled Archives: 1960s Celebrities in Swing Dresses

The 1960s were a whirlwind of change, and the world of fashion was no exception. In Egypt's golden age of cinema, amidst the silver screen glamour, one particular garment reigned supreme: the swing dress. This trend overruled every other closet staple or clothing piece, worn all the time and everywhere by the ‘hawanem’ of the time. This playful and versatile piece adorned the figures of some of Egypt's most beloved stars, from Soaad Hosny to Nadia Lutfi to Shadia.

Join this Styled Archives as we twirl back in time to explore the iconic swing dress era in Egyptian cinema. We'll delve into the closets of legendary actresses like Lobna Abdelaziz and Sabah, uncovering the sartorial choices that defined a decade. Bold colours, flirty silhouettes and the star power emanating from these timeless Egyptian beauties. Grab your metaphorical dancing shoes (and reading glasses) and let's get ready to swing into the groovy world of 1960s Egyptian fashion.


All hail the queen of swing dresses! The beauty of her time, Soaad Hosny was labelled as the ‘Cinderella’ of Egyptian cinema, and she often favoured gorgeous, voluminous swing dresses that brought out her smizing eyes and infectious grin at the same time.


The seductress wore a baby blue swing number with a delicate necktie adorning the silk bodice, creating a subtle suggestion of structure amidst the playful movement of the patterned skirt.


Lutfi stunned in a dress that embodies a fashionable interplay of colour and pattern. The garment, in burnt orange and white, was styled with a half hat that extends in a wisp of tulle like a delicate tail, adding to its whimsical and romantic aura.


The bodice and skirt contrast was big, evident here in the contrasting hues of the half black, half red dress that Magda wore. The deep crimson base was embellished with bold black motifs, creating even more of a gorgeous juxtaposition.


Nagat Al Saghira radiated sunshine in this breathtaking yellow swing dress, reminiscent of a summer's day. The skirt draped with its excess fabric, while a charming detail takes centre stage in the form of a feminine bow around the bodice. 


Two is better than one, and in this case, we’re referring to swing dresses. In their film, ‘Gharam El-Asyad’, Abdelaziz and Shweikar match in gorgeous yet distinct swing dresses, each bringing their own style to their movie characters.


Like a ballerina in motion, Gamal’s lithe figure is perfectly suited to the playful spirit of the swing dress. In pink and purple hues, the dress is accentuated by white dome details. As she strikes a pose, the dress twirls around her, reflecting her graceful movements as a seasoned dancer. 


Poised like a princess, Fakhr Eddine was perched elegantly as a polka dot swing dress wraps around her legs. You can definitely see that she’s pretty in pink.


Hamama, commanding the scene in a dress that’s as vibrant as it is simple, proved she could rock a classical style in a bold way. In a cascade of crimson silk, the dress draped elegantly upon her figure and matched her striking lipstick.


Sabah was a force of nature, both on and off the stage. Her fashion choices reflected her flamboyant personality, with a penchant for voluptuous dresses. She was a fan of audacious swing dresses, her signature style embracing cascades of vibrant fabrics. This particular piece was more of a theatrical pronouncement, announcing her arrival with a flourish.