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Reach Your Peak With These Seven Hiking Trips Across Egypt

To help you make sense of Egypt’s greatest footpaths, we bring you this epic guide to the best hikes across the country.

Every now and again, you may feel like wanting to take a break from the city and connect with nature – and what better way than to hike above it all on one of Egypt’s majestic hiking trails…?


Located in Maadi, the Wadi Degla Protectorate extends for about 30 kilometres in length, making it one of the easiest, yet very enjoyable, hikes in Egypt. Not a lot of people know this but you could stumble upon friendly foxes, dears, and mountain rabbits while hiking. If you’re looking to escape the city without actually doing so, this is the perfect place for you because a) it’s in Maadi. b) you don’t need to book a hike. c) you just go. 


Company: Red Sea Mountain Trail 

Price: EGP 1,2555 per person


Owned by the Mazaa tribe, the entire purpose of this trail is to create jobs and preserve Bedouin culture. It also happens to be the first long distance hiking trail to ever exist in Egypt. Extending for 170km-long, the Red Sea Mountain trail allows you the opportunity to visit some of the less known mountains outside Hurghada. It opens every morning from 7 am and operates until sunset. It costs EGP 1,2555 per person to hike the Red Sea Mountain Trail, and it includes jeep transport from Hurghada to the interior mountain trailheads and back, Bedouin guides, lunch, water and tea. 


Company: Dahab Safari 

Price: EGP 1,480 per person 


This is by far one of the most rewarding hikes you could ever be on. Not only is it located in one of Egypt's most beautiful seaside towns, you'll get to enjoy the Red Sea's vivid shades of blue on your right, and Sinai's majestic mountains on your left. You’ll need two days for this hike. 

SINAI TRAIL | Gulf of Aqaba

Company: Thru Hikes 

Price: EGP 4,500


The award-winning trail is a community-tourism project operated by Bedouin tribes who organise and guide all trips, allowing you the chance to experience traditional Bedouin culture in a never-before-seen way. Unlike other treks on this list, you’ll be needing a high level of fitness and stamina as you’ll be hiking long distances through sand and over rocky ground. The entire trail extends for 550km and takes about 52 days. Yup, you read that right. 


Company: Viator

Price: EGP 443


The Coloured Canyons happen to be a stunning rock formation nestled away in Nuweiba, two hours away from Sharm El-Sheikh. In this hike, you will be able to explore the Salama Canyon, White Canyon, Mushroom Rock, and Ein Khudra Oasis. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to have a Bedouin dinner with the locals where you get to ask them whatever you please. 

MOUNT CATHERINE | Saint Catherine City

Company: Wild Guanabana 

Price: EGP 4,500


Most hikers arrive in Saint Catherine City in the evening, climb Mount Catherine at night to watch the sunset, descend and visit St. Catherine’s Monastery, then take off back to the coast. The entire hike takes up to three days. This is how most people do it, and that’s exactly how we recommend you also do it. 


Company: Oasis 

Price: EGP 1,500 


If you’ve never been, the White Desert is tucked away northwest of Egypt where it covers an area of 300 square kilometres. Part of the Farafra depression in the Sahara, the White Desert is known for its white sands, rock formation, and most importantly, the Great Sand Sea. In this hike, you’ll be able to relish in the surreal landscapes as well as Crystal Mountain, the Black Desert and the historic Bahariya Oasis on this two-day adventure.