Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Recharge with Lotus’ Full Moon Retreat in Bawabaat

Through this immersive, holistic experience you will delve deep into yourself, searching for clarity and finding guidance through your intuition.

Menna Shanab

Located on the outskirts of Cairo, Bawabat is a beautiful eco space sitting along the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road - a popular passageway between the capital and the sunny North Coast. That may be one reason Bawabat has its name, which is Arabic for ‘gates’. On the other hand, its focus on spiritual renewal could provide another reason for its moniker, and it’s that focus that local fitness group Lotus Yoga & Wellness Center have chosen to tap into.

Lotus Yoga & Wellness Center is hosting a one day retreat on November 5th, which will be dedicated to cleansing one’s energy through meditation, setting intentions, and yoga - all under the darkness of the new moon. The new moon is associated with new possibilities, and with Bawabat’s gorgeous setting - made up of simple wooden furniture surrounded by olive trees as far as the eye can see, while the soft Arabic chants of Aswan composer Hamza Alla El-Din soothe you through the night - Lotus Center hopes to create a short yet impactful retreat for Cairenes.

“Among many hidden gems in Egypt, one can't visit Bawabat without wanting to come back,” Lotus Yoga & Wellness founder Lamia Samir tells #SceneTraveller. “This will be our second retreat there because the first one was beyond what we expected. The serenity, the natural healing energy of the land... the place is made with love and you sense that love energy in every corner.”

To help make the most of this cosmic reset, Lotus Yoga & Wellness Center is bringing on seasoned yogi Nina Kabbany to join Samir in leading the retreat, which will run from 11 AM to 8 PM.

To register and secure a booking, you will need to pay EGP 1500 (USD 95) before October 21st. Payment includes two yoga classes, two meditation sessions, group crystal healing session, new moon cacao ceremony, manifestation workshop, vegetarian lunch, fruit snacks and water. And, just like the new moon itself, Lotus Yoga & Wellness Center hosts a similar retreat every month - so if you miss this one, it’s just a matter of time until the next.