Thursday December 7th, 2023
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2 Global Travel Instagrammers Just Landed in Egypt: Here’s How It Looks Through Their Lens

Internationally adored for their fairytale-like depictions of otherworldly landscapes, power couple Jason Charles Hill and Emilie Ristevski have touched down in Egypt - and these are the beautiful shots they're using to tell their tale in the country.

Staff Writer

We spotted international travel sensations Jason Charles Hill and Emilie Ristevski - known as @helloemilie on Instagram - as they made their way to Cairo today, following a six day-long journey that took them from Fayoum to Marsa Alam, to Mahmya Island, and finally the Giza Pyramids, where they capturing Egypt's myriad wonders with their spellbinding lenses.

Followed by over half a million people combined, the couple based on the East Coast of Australia strikes a powerful combination, intertwining by Hill’s focus on nature and Ristevski’s nostalgia-inspiring shots. “My work aims to gather beautiful moments to simply tell stories and capture details that often go unseen,” she says.  

“Since I was a kid studying ancient history back in school, I'd always dreamt of discovering ancient cities and exploring off beat destinations,” Hill said in one of his astounding posts. “Before leaving for this trip I was really unsure on what to expect when coming here... After spending the last 6 days traveling cross country meeting local people & experiencing life fulfilling moments I can whole heartedly say I'm in love,” he added.

We're betting this love story to continue, if their first batch of astounding shots are any indication...