Saturday April 13th, 2024
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A 2.4 Billion Dollar Mountain Destination Will be Built in Oman

This 2,400 metres high mixed-use project will include sustainability-focused facilities and vast Juniper forests.

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A 2.4 Billion Dollar Mountain Destination Will be Built in Oman

High in the verdant Hajar Mountain Range, the recently announced Omani Mountain Destination on Jabal al Akhdar is set to establish itself as a haven of urban living amidst rugged natural beauty. Positioned at an elevation of 2,400 metres, this USD 2.4 billion venture is poised to become the highest development in Oman, offering travellers a lavish escape into the captivating and elevated wilderness.

Comprised of three villages, the Omani Mountain Destination will include 2,527 residential homes for its anticipated 8,000 residents, and is expected to host an average of 2,000 day-use and 2,350 overnight visitors in its hotels and wellness village.

At the helm of this project is renowned design and engineering firm Atkins Réalis, lauded for its award-winning sustainability approach – “Seed” – which prioritises environmental, cultural, and social well-being. These guiding principles manifest themselves in the form of strategies to implement an 85% pedestrianised environment, goals to achieve a net zero carbon footprint, and plans to use 100% renewable energy.

Ensuring that the preservation efforts add to the overall experience, guests will have the opportunity to wander through the site's meticulously conserved 500-year-old native Juniper forests, marvel at the beauty of the cosmos in the development’s Dark Sky Zone, appreciate the unspoiled nature at the National Scenic Reserve, or opt for more adventurous undertakings by engaging in extreme sports and leisure activities at Wadi Al Harbi Park.

In alignment with Oman’s Vision 2040, a government initiative aimed at fostering a more diverse, developed, and sustainable economy, this development is anticipated to generate 5,000 new jobs, solidifying its role as a boon for local communities and the broader Omani economy.