Saturday April 1st, 2023
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Find Your Zen With Osana's Solasi Festival at Somabay

We’ve compiled a list of everything happening during the three-day zen-jam at Hurghada's Somabay with Egyptian wellness centres Osana Family Wellness and YesYoga.

Farah Desouky

A post-summer season wellness escape is needed and Solasi Festival is making sure we go back to reality fully-cleansed and healed. Osana Family Wellness and YesYoga are teaming up with a slew of wellness gurus for a three-day healing extravaganza from September 21st to September 24th amidst Somabay’s beautiful beaches and majestic mountains in Hurghada.

The festival is curating a lineup of workshops, classes, and holistic healing treatments to suit everyone’s interests and needs, from sunrise runs to drum circle classes, with ongoing wellness festivities across their Yin Stage, Yang Stage, Beach Solasi Playground and Workshop Tents.

Their holistic approach to healing takes us far away from fast-paced pre-packaged self-care and towards a more social event that works on our collective minds, bodies and souls. Their somatics muscle release therapy treatment by Suzy Kussner, voice touch therapy by Luna Pantalone and Chei Nei Tsang Massage by Seba Khanna - amongst others - sound like they could undo months of incessant partying and irregular back posture (thank you, office culture).

Solasi is also creating a learning environment through a curation of workshops led by renowned yogis, practitioners and healers. These include Amira Osman who’s instructing a pottery and Yin workshop, Leo Oppenheim who’s leading a holotropic breathwork workshop, and Nadia Tserbo with a moving meditation workshop. We’ve compiled a list of everything happening during the three-day zen-jam:


Acro Egypt - Acroyoga

Joey Altmann - Tai Chi

Joey Altmann - Qi Gong

Nadine Reda - Yoga Nidra

Noelle Nafache - Yin Yoga

Noelle Nafache - Better Than Coffee

Meghan Sullivan - Vinyasa Yoga

Neena Hwaidak - Running

Mellow Paw - Staff Spinning

Omniya El Baghdadi - Yoga

Omniya El Baghdadi - Flow Hard

Steve Double - Ashtanga Yoga

Steve Double - Bassline

Suzy Kussner - Somatics

Seba Khanna - Yoga

Seba Khanna - Tantra Hatha

Bruna - Iyengar Yoga

Amira Osman - Vinyasa Ladder Yoga

Zag - Pilathetique

Amira Osman -  Yoga

Leo Oppennheim - Yoga

Leo Oppennheim - Dharma Yoga

Dima Issa - Drum Circle


Leo Oppenheim - Ice Tank Immersion

Leo Oppenheim - Holotropic Breathwork

Luna Pantalone - Soundbath

Amira Osman - Pottery + Yin

Leo Oppenheim - Athletic Breathwork

Luna Pantalone - Singing Circle

Nadia Tserbo - Moving Meditation

Marcus Blacker - Swiss Army Knife


Seba Khanna - Chei Nei Tsang Massage

Suzy Kussner - Somatics Muscle Release

Nicha  - Massage

Luna Pantalone - Voice Touch Therapy

Luna Pantalone - Tarot Card Reading

Ray - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shukry - Reiki & Energy Weaving

Sony Swayze - Massage Therapy

Nadiya Tsebro - Massage Therapy


Acro Egypt - Family Acro Yoga

Joey Altmann - Kids Kung Fu