Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Middle East's First Net-Zero Energy Mosque Will Open in UAE

Spanning an area of 2,349 square meters, the solar-powered mosque is set to officially open in 2024.

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The Middle East’s first net-zero energy mosque is set to open at Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City in 2024.

Spanning an area of 2,349 square metres, which can accommodate up to 1,300 worshippers, the mosque will operate entirely on solar power. Through innovative construction methods, the mosque’s design will harmoniously merge the enduring essence of Muslim culture with sustainability.

The ceiling will boast tiered windows, while the main structure will be primarily built from rammed earth, which is an architectural technique predominantly relying on natural raw materials such as earth, chalk, limestone or gravel.

Meanwhile, the building will also incorporate low-flow water fixtures, while the courtyard will feature drought-resistant landscaping using recycled water for irrigation to reduce water usage by 55%.