Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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9 Gadgets We're Stoked To Play With At Switch

Now that the first Apple Premium Reseller in Cairo is open, we can finally get our hands on all the toys we've been ogling.

Staff Writer

9 Gadgets We're Stoked To Play With At Switch
There’s something about the way an Apple product – be it phone, pod, or pad – shines when you take it out of the box for the first time. The sleek aluminum, vibrant screens, and all the world's supply of potential at our fingertips – it's enough to make us a little flushed. Now with the sleek re-invented shop, Switch, coming to Cairo Festival City, which is solely dedicated to all of Apple's shiny devices, we’re a little more than excited to get in there and play with all the toys – especially these ones.
Apple’s Macbook has always been on the cutting edge of function and design, and the newest iteration is no different. Taking design to the limit with how thin something can be and still exist in all three dimensions, the new Macbook uses state of the art Intel processors to fit an amazing amount of power inside its impossibly small body and the incredibly versatile USB-C port. Everything will look amazing on its retina display, and with up to 10 hours of battery life on a charge, this razor-thin powerhouse is capable of following you anywhere and doing anything. 
Macbook Pro
Portable and powerful, the Pro version of Apple’s famous notebook has all the horsepower of a desktop in a thin and light package. 
Another legendary marvel of engineering and design, this time in a stationary package. The iMac comes in big, 21.5-inch, and bigger, 27-inch, both with 4K displays and all the power of a dedicated desktop but in a space saving all-in-one design. 
Mac Pro
The heavyweight champ of the Mac family, this futuristic obelisk is all power. Hook it up to one of Apple’s Thunderbolt displays and you'll have all the beauty and power you could possibly want.
iPhone 6s & 6s Plus
The standard by which every other smartphone is measured since the first, the newest iPhone boasts top-end cameras and processors, plus the new 3D touch feature, giving you more control than ever. The Plus version adds extra screen real estate, plus optical image stabilisation for the camera, which makes sure all your shaky cam footage might actually be recognisable to someone. 
iPad Pro
The latest iPad is a big beautiful tablet with all the power of a laptop. Perfect for almost any situation, you can even attach a keyboard cover for those moments when you get nostalgic for your laptop. 
Apple Pencil
This smart stylus paired with an iPad Pro is a graphic designer's dream. With almost no lag, it solves many of the issues faced by professionals with other setups. The Apple Pencil also makes it possible to shade and add weight to your lines with its pressure-sensitive tip. 
Braven BRV-PRO
This bluetooth beast will survive any party you can think of, whether it be at rowdy house party or out in the middle of nowhere. 
Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones
There’s a reason Beats are the number one headphones the world over. Cut the cord with these monsters and look good doing it.