Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Habitas Opens Magical Moroccan Escape in the Agafay Desert

Live out your hippie travel blogger dreams at this hidden eco-friendly haven in Morocco's Agafay Desert.

Fadila Khalid

Globally growing eco-hospitality brand, Habitas, has been feverishly expanding its offering of sustainable hotels in the region’s most remote(ly luxurious) locations. Having drawn the world’s gaze to their nomadic fever dream-style hotel in Saudi’s historic AlUla, the brand has landed in North Africa’s beautiful Morocco. 

Nestled in the heart of the Agafay Desert, 45 minutes away from the thriving capital city of Marrakech, is Habitas’ newest venture in the African region: a cluster of all-natural cottages made to look like tents that seem perfectly at home against the expansive golden dunes in the background. Taking inspiration from Amazigh culture, the boho-chic resort is every wannabe hippie travel blogger’s dream come true, especially with the hotel’s activities and values being rooted in ‘play, imagination, and connection’ with the natural environment.

Habitas Caravan Agafay has two refreshing swimming pools, a horse and camel stable, an outdoor movie theatre, a health centre, and a communal space in addition to 20 classic canvas tents dispersed throughout a sizable 5-hectare property. The available activities range from camel and horseback riding to yoga and stargazing over the breathtaking panoramas. The area is also plenty populated with various Amazigh communities, whom you can visit to explore their food, culture, and history. 

A night at this Habitas hotel starts at MAD 2,000 per night, or USD 187 per night.